Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One more piano-learning site

There are some other piano tutorial sites, and one of them is here. If not the style, it is the basics of music and piano-playing that this site offers.
So go on, and see what interests you.
Happy piano playing!

One more test post from e-mail

The other one worked, so I am making another (hopefully, final) test posting from e-mail, since this is the fast, convenient (and camouflaged) method of posting to my blog. First test is html format using monotype, and this round, it is still in html format and still in monotype font.

If this works, then it is confirmed that the use of non-monotype fonts when posting by e-mail is the cause of the problem of the post windows width extension that makes the sidebar(s) shift down.

Here goes...

Another sample post to confirm my findings

Here is another post to confirm my findings: that the postings from e-mails actually causes the post window to somehow extend in width, making the sidebar move down...

If this works, I know how to fix my other blog posts, so hopefully it does.

My Piano Practice Beginning

No, this is not the beginning of my piano lessons, not that I am taking, or have taken, formal training in piano playing. Instead, what I am doing now is to practice, and to stress it out, correct practice on how to play the different styles and techniques of ‘dressing up naked music’ on the piano.

Anything that you learn and do not put into practice will eventually vanish into thin air, and worse, you’ll regret it in the end. As for me, the end haven’t come, so before I go into regretting, I’m redeeming the time left to do my piano-playing practice.

I’m journaling my practice days, so I can track my progress, and I really do hope that I will make a progress this time.

I’ve searched the web for some free materials, free lessons, and I settled for 2, not that only 2 qualify. I find these 2 to suit my need and style, but the rest should also be ok for others. I’ve taken up the free lessons from Edward Weiss, with very simple execution and free flow. But the one I really like, and have actually purchased a couple of lessons from, is Duane Shinn. If you are interested, just search them up in the net, and you should find their free lessons in the web.

Everybody is into music, whether as an audience, a performer, a writer or composer, or as a critic. So I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a comment.